Saturday, January 5, 2008

America's Ten Most Lustful Cities

In a recent study to determine America's "Most Lustful Cities, ACNielsen provided a per-capita index of over-the-counter contraceptive purchases in major U.S. markets for the past 52 weeks.

The top ten lusty cities are:

1. Denver, Colorado

2. San Antonio, Texas (tie)

2. Portland, Oregon (tie)

4, Seattle, Washington

5. Salt Lake City, Utah (tie)

5. Boise, Idaho (tie)

6. Washington, DC

7. Cincinnati, Ohio (tie)

7. Columbus, Ohio (tie)

9. Baltimore, Maryland

10. Buffalo, NY (tie)

10. Buffalo, NY (tie)

It's interesting to note that only one city was in the south, though Washington, DC borders the southern state of Virginia. Obviously, cold weather makes people want to find fun ways of staying warm!


Melissa said...

Wow...Columbus and Cincinnati made the list!

Patty said...

I'm wth Melissa, WOW, two places in Ohio and we live between them both. Ha!Ha! I guess the cold weather does make people find different ways to keep warm.

Chica said...

I am really surprised that my state my it up there..lmao.

LMC said...

Washington DC doesn't surprise me...That's where all the politicians hang out and they are always trying to screw us!