Saturday, July 9, 2005

Good Samaritan

Yesterday my son amazed me.

He told me that he’d been driving down a busy street, heavy with traffic, when he spotted a young kitten standing on the double yellow lines. The cat had the sense to stop, recognizing the danger, but it was now afraid to move.

Knowing that the kitten would inevitably get killed if something wasn’t done, he whipped his car around and quickly parked on the shoulder. After carefully making his way to where the kitten was standing, he found that it was so frightened that it wouldn’t allow him to pick it up. He then stepped out and stopped traffic on one side, so he could chase the kitten out of the road.

Once he’d gotten the kitten safely off the road, he chased it a good ways into a field and away from the road, hoping it would continue on. He tried again to catch the cat to bring it to a more safe place, but it was sufficiently spooked that this wasn’t possible.

I was proud of him -- I guess I raised him right, after all.

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