Friday, December 22, 2006

Odds and Ends

I've not seen snow in two winters. From the weather we've been seeing around here lately, it's not likely we'll see any this year, either. Summer lasts longer and longer with each passing year. Though we've had some cold nights this fall, the daytime temps have largely remained obdurately in the 60s. And we've had several days well up into the 70s in the last few weeks and more 70s are predicted in the next week or so. This would be nice weather for June, but I don't want summer in December. It's hard to get into the Christmas spirit when I'm sweating.

I've also seen flies and mosquitoes in the last week, and I'm beginning to see bird crap all over my car. Normally bird crap season doesn't start until April around here.

Global warming, anyone?

My city has voted to join the 21st century. That is, the blue laws have been abolished for good here. In the last few years, the blue laws had been suspended during the Christmas holidays, but had always been reinstated after the holiday season was over. But now, after realizing that a lot of revenue was being lost to the larger city 30 miles away because of our blue laws, they've been permanently eliminated. Naturally, the fundamentalists in town are screaming bloody murder, believing that it's the government's responsibility to promote churchgoing.

Donald Trump and Rosie O'Donnell have been having an insult war over his handling of the current Miss USA, whose title was in danger because of underage drinking.

Oh, where to begin. I can't stand either Trump or O'Donnell. And there's probably nothing more inane or anachronistic than "Miss USA". Trump worries about the current holder of the title not being a good role model for girls, when the entire concept of Miss USA isn't a good role model for girls, as it's a model of the materialistic, high maintenance woman whose self esteem derives from her appearance and possessions.

I read on Yahoo news that a woman with two wombs has given birth to three children -- a set of identical twins from one womb, and another girl in the other. I never knew it was possible to have two wombs, but the woman has a rare, but not unique, condition known as
uterus didelphys.

The article stated that there have been only 70 women who have given birth from two wombs and that this is the first case of triplets.

I wonder if the father of these babies has two dicks?

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