Tuesday, September 5, 2006

Trust in Intimate Relationships

Tonight, I turned the radio dial again, looking for some blogging fodder. And I wasn't disappointed, either.

I turned to the Delilah show, as she was taking a request from a male caller. He'd been dumped by his girlfriend and wanted a song played to persuade her to come back to him.

When Delilah asked him what he'd done to be dumped, he told her that his girlfriend had been using his computer and had been going through the history file, where she found a picture of another woman. This picture wasn't anyone he knew personally; it was from a website and had been sent to him by a friend through email. It wasn't even a pornographic picture; it was "PG" in the caller's words. He said he was very sorry for what he'd done and wanted to get the chance to apologize to her and make it up to her!

Delilah said she'd done stuff like that, too; and had even gone through men's wallets and cell phones.


For one thing, is this man the biggest wimp who ever walked the planet or what? It is the woman who should be apologizing to him for not trusting him and for invading his privacy. Her snooping and jealous overreaction was totally uncalled for.

As for Delilah and other women like her, I'd not tolerate such deceitful behavior from a lover. Invading my privacy and spying on me behind my back is a complete relationship breaker for me.
A relationship not built on trust is no relationship at all. If a woman wants to know something about me, all she needs to do is come to me directly and ask. I tell my lovers right up front that I see others; they don't need to go through my wallet to find that out. I've never put up with jealous women and I'm not about to start now.


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