Wednesday, November 8, 2006

Rambling Thoughts About the Election

Overall, I'm happy with how the elections turned out yesterday. The Democrats regained control of the House, may do so in the Senate, and now have a majority of the governorships. The only Republican I was sorry to see lose was the moderate Lincoln Chaffee of Rhode Island, a breed of Republican the party needs to see more of

The people of America have sent a clear message: No More of the Same. I don't know exactly how things will change in the next two years, but it would seem likely that Republicans will likely move closer to the center for the 2008 elections.

President Bush had recently pooh-poohed the idea that Nancy Pelosi could become Speaker of the House. First thing this morning, however, he called her to invite her to lunch, eating his crow like a man. We can only hope that this will extend to a more cooperative attitude with House and Senate Democrats in the next two years.

My state, the buckle of the Bible belt, unfortunately returned its Republican governor for another term, which is about what I expected. Likewise, our state passed the discriminatory marriage amendment by a landslide, with six other states doing the same. Arizona alone had the distinction of voting down a marriage amendment to their constitution, the first state to do so.

And I'm going to enjoy listening to the right wing pundits such as Coulter, Limbaugh, et al, squealing like pigs for the next few days.

Things are definitely looking up and I can only hope for more fo the same in 2008.

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