Saturday, November 25, 2006

Still More Old Journal Entries

Here are a few more police-related entries from an old handwritten journal of mine:

December 12, 1988

We got a funny denial from a shoplifter on Saturday. We got her stealing a pair of jeans from K Mart. She had put them on in the changing room, but had neglected to remove the heavy plastic magnetic tag from the pants. She had pulled her sweater over it to try to hide it. Of course the tag set off a buzzer when she tried to leave the store.

When we got her to the jail. she claimed that she had worn the jeans into the store and that they were not her jeans; she had borrowed them from a friend and that the friend must have stolen them. We rolled our eyes at her expecting us to believe that crap. For one thing, the buzzer would have gone off when she first entered the store. Secondly, it is too much of a coincidence that she would go into the very store where her "friend" had supposedly stolen the pants from. And, lastly, no one would put on a pair of jeans with a huge plastic tag, 4 inches long, 2 inches wide, and a half inch thick, stuck to them.

December 21, 1988

When I arrived last night, the jailer was printing one that B had got up at the mall. I said, "What're up to?" to the jailer, and the prisoner snarled, "Arresting assholes, that's what!" I laughed and said, "You said it, I didn't!"

It turned out that this guy was racing around the mall, hit a curb, took off, then hit a curb again. When B finally caught up with him and asked for his license, the idiot said, "What for??"

When the kid's father came to get him in the morning, he acted as if the kid was the injured party. Probably that's where the kid got his attitude from.

December 22, 1988

The jailer on second shift, M, had a particularly nasty prisoner to process last night. One of our regular winos came in that was so drunk that he'd pissed all over the patrol car, pissed all over the jail, and pissed all over himself. M had to wear rubber gloves to remove his property from him and had to carry him to his cell. M complained that he wasn't into golden showers. And the drunk didn't remember a thing the next morning.

December 23, 1988

J stopped a guy tonight and when he went up to the car window, the guy said, "What the hell do you want, you ugly old thing?" While this was going on the guy on the pasenger side was busily pouring out his beer onto the sidewalk. J told me that he would have pulled this SOB out of the car and taught him a thing or two if there hadn't been an old couple watching them intently from the sidewalk.

December 29, 1988

The last arrest we had last night was a real lulu. A domestic call came in and while the officers dispatched were talking to this man and his mother, the man freaked out and resisted arrest. He was so high that repeated blows with a PR-24 had no effect on him. They had to fight him to get him into custody. This is the difference between a drunk and someone hopped up on drugs. A drunk will feel blows from a PR-24, but someone on drugs may not.

January 25, 1989

On my last day out at the jail, they brought in two women and one man. They had been fighting like cats and dogs. It was so that B had to wait outside with the women while I processed the man. He was nothing compared to the women. One of them was a little feisty, just giving the minimum of cooperation. While I was booking her, the other woman, still outside, was shrieking like a banshee, which set this woman off, and effectively ended any cooperation. We put her back in the patrol car and started on the next one. I said "we" because this is what it took. She threw herself down into a mud puddle, thoroughly drenching herself. Five of us had to pick her up and carry her into the jail. I grabbed one of the pockets of her jeans, making her legs airborne. She ineffectively kicked at me, but I didn't feel much in my combat boots. When we got her inside and sat her down, she threw herself on the floor. Really classy female....not.

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