Friday, December 1, 2006

Michael Richards Brouhaha

We've all heard the brouhaha over Michael Richards ("Kramer') getting into a shouting match with two hecklers at the club where he was performing his comedy routine. His comments were of a racist nature, which included using the "N word".

Richards realized that he'd let his temper get away with him and that his remarks were completely inappropriate, and he later apologized, and also sought anger management counseling. However, the men involved declined to accept it. Instead, they've hired a lawyer, who is now seeking monetary compensation on their behalf.

Monetary compensation? I agree that Richards was wrong, his language totally inappropriate, but I take a dim view of these men looking to make an easy buck out of this incident.

Another thing is that black entertainers routinely use the N word when talking about other blacks. Indeed, if this word and the word "bitch" were banned from use in rap music, many rappers would be rendered virtually speechless.

Secondly, black entertainers regularly poke fun at whites, calling them "crackers", "honkies", "rednecks", etc. No one, black or white, bats an eye at this, nor does anyone ever sue about such remarks.

Racism goes both ways. It's not just a white on black thing, but frequently the reverse as well. And it's not a good thing, regardless of which direction its going.


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