Monday, December 25, 2006

Rainy Christmas

It's Christmas and it's pouring rain. I don't mind -- though not the ideal of a white Christmas, it's better than a dazzlingly bright, hot day. I'm not doing much today, just puttering around the house like an old man. I spent a good bit of yesterday afternoon and evening "taking care of business", so that I'd not get too antsy being alone today and, so far, I'm doing fine.

I awakened earlier than I usually do this morning, but knowing I didn't have to go to work later on, I got up, instead of trying to go back to sleep. After the obligatory morning bathroom trip to relieve the morning wood, I made myself a bowl of grits and came to sit in front of the computer to surf the net.

My cats came to join me at the computer once they realized I was awake and I fed them the special cat treats I'd bought them for Christmas. Now, as I type, they are each in a window looking out at the rain, one in front of me and the other on my right side.

I've talked to my sister on the phone already today and I expect to talk to my primary lover some time later today.

Later on, I intend to go out and have some sort of Christmas dinner. The only places open in my town are the Awful House (Waffle House) and Denny's, so I've not got a lot of choice here. I would have liked to have had a turkey dinner today, but I don't think either of those places are offering turkey on their menus. Walgreen's is also open, so I'll probably stop there on the way home to stock up on snacks, as I've got several new DVDs I can pick from to watch tonight.

I hope all my readers are spending this day in the way they want.

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