Sunday, December 17, 2006


"Touch is the meaning of being human."
Andrea Dworkin

I find this quotation rather interesting because Andrea Dworkin was a feminist who once expressed the very extreme view that all sex between men and women is, at some level, a form of rape; that women cannot truly give their consent to it in a patriarchal society.

Despite disagreeing heartily with that view of heterosexual sex, I find myself in agreement with the quotation that inspired this entry. Though I realize that Dworkin didn't mean this quote as pertaining particularly to sex, I will confine my remarks to that particular kind of touch.

I never feel quite so alive and human as when I'm engaging in the act of mating with a woman. It's not an emotional thing, per se, as it doesn't really matter who my partner is at any given time; rather, it's a primal and instinctual thing I feel down to my very DNA. Even when it's bad, it's exhilarating and it always recharges my batteries.

To be obliged to be celibate for any extended time would make me feel not fully human, and I'm sure I would become depressed if this were to happen. Nor do I understand those who actively choose to be celibate for long periods of time, or for a lifetime, such as priests and nuns. I function best in all endeavors when I'm well fed, well rested, and well fucked. If any of my core needs is not being met, it will distract me from doing my best in other activities until that need is met.


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