Friday, March 16, 2007

Sex on the Job

As I had nothing in particular that I planned to write about tonight, I browsed news sites for inspiration. Because I'm kind of tired tonight, I'm not up for writing anything much in depth. The news story I chose to write about tonight surprised me and has a parallel in my own life.

A fire fighter in my area has actually been arrested for having sex with a woman several times over the space of three months while on duty at the fire station. He is being charged with misconduct in office.

I confess that I had sex on duty many, many times when I was a cop. It usually occurred when I was on third shift when there was absolutely nothing going on; never when we were busy. I rarely did it on second shift, because that was usually the busiest time, and never on first, because it was harder to be discreet during the day.

Usually, I'd stop by a lover's house for a quick one during one of those long, dull nights. A few times, I hooked up with a female officer on my shift, and we'd meet in an out of the way place.

I knew I'd have been fired if I'd ever been caught -- fortunately I wasn't -- but back then I'd not have been arrested for it. I was very careful and discreet, and these trysts never caused me to fail to answer any calls assigned to me in a prompt fashion.

Ah, the good old days.

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