Saturday, April 21, 2007

Gluttons For Punishment

While listening to the radio the other night, a man called in to dedicate a song to his wife. This was unremarkable until he said that he'd been divorced from this same woman twice and was now married to her for a third time. He also mentioned that they were back in marriage counseling once again, adding that each time they divorced, he found that he could not live without her.

The radio host jokingly told him that they ought to buy a duplex and each live in one side as they obviously could not live together, either. Thought she obviously meant this in jest, this was somewhat more sensible than what they'd been doing on their own.

I can understand the desire to try to make a relationship work, but I cannot see the point of marrying and divorcing the same person several times. Some people just aren't meant to be married and it would seem as if the only ones profiting from their on again/off again marital status would be the lawyers. I know I learned my lesson after being married only once.

It seems to me the most sensible thing they could have done if they wanted to remain a part of each other's lives would be to stay legally single and to stop involving the government in their frequent temporary changes of heart.

How much does anyone want to bet that divorce #3 is probably in the near future for this fickle couple?

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