Thursday, July 5, 2007

Catchphrases in Conversation

Everyone who watches TV and movies hears catchphrases and bits of dialogue they find funny and/or apt. Some of these catchphrases stick in our memories and, many times, show up in our conversations, even when we've forgotten the original sources of such phrases. Following are a few of the ones in my vocabulary, along with their sources.

You can't really *buy* beer... you can only rent it.

This sentiment was expressed by Archie Bunker on All in the Family, after Edith commented about his multiple trips to the bathroom over a short space of time.

I've gotten a lot of mileage out of this one over the years, especially when I used to drink.

There's a lot of THERE over there!

This one comes from MASH, though I don't remember from which episode. Hawkeye made this comment after he asked someone where a particular item was located and the person answered him by gesturing vaguely in one direction and saying, "It's over there."

I've used this phrase ever since in the same type of situation, as a way of asking the person to be more specific.

When my son first saw the episode in question, he turned to me and said, "So THAT'S where you get your sarcastic sense of humor from!"

...since Hitler was a corporal

This one comes from Hogan's Heroes. In one episode, Newkirk (Richard Dawson) tripped over a German woman and said, "Excuse me, Fraulein." He took a closer look at her, and added, "Oh, you haven't been a Fraulein since Hitler was a corporal!" In other words, it was a gibe about her age.

I've used this one occasionally, but not to insult a person. For example, one time my son was going through the fridge looking for leftovers to eat. He held something up and I said, "Don't eat that. It's been in there since Hitler was a corporal." Another time, I picked up a huge, ancient cell phone at the flea market and said, "They were using this one when Hitler was a corporal."

Oooooo neee way.....That's ONE WAY!

This one is from the Flintstones. Fred and Barney were driving round and round on a complicated highway cloverleaf and they couldn't find the ramp to get back on the main road. Fred ended up driving the wrong way on a one way ramp. Barney saw the sign and sounded it out slowly as Fred encountered a several cars coming at them: Ooooooo Neeeeeeee Way.....THAT'S ONE WAY!"

I've said this one a time or two when riding shotgun with someone and they're about the commit the same error.

Resistance is Futile

Anyone who is over the age of ten knows that this one comes from Star Trek: the Next Generation

I've used this one several times in a tongue in cheek fashion when engaged in seduction. devil

Feel free to add any TV/movie catchphrases that have wormed their way into your conversations. in reference to the Borg.

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