Monday, July 30, 2007

A Libertine's Dream

A few years ago, I decided to keep a handwritten dream journal, as I seem to have so many interesting ones. I even draw diagrams in them of certain aspects of the dream that make them easier to remember. It's not for any particular purpose, though I do go back and re-read it from time to time. Below, is my latest dream:

As the dream began, I'd allowed this woman and her mother to drag me to their church. It was a fundamentalist church of the worst sort that met in an old K-Mart type store. It was located in the middle of a big city block, with other buildings on either side of it. I'd agreed to go with them because she said she wouldn't have sex with me unless I did this first.

After about 20 minutes of listening to the self-righteous judgmental sermon, I couldn't stand it anymore and knew I had to get out of there. But I still wanted to have sex with the woman, so I whispered that I was having stomach pains and that I'd be in the men's room.

As soon as I cleared the sanctuary, I headed for the door to get out of there. I walked quickly down the block, looking for someone else to have a quick lay with, in order to get the stench of the church off me.

When I reached the corner, I looked momentarily inside the windows of a jewelry store there, fascinated by the wide variety of gems that were available. But then I remembered I had to get some relief, so I turned the corner to walk down the other side of the block.

A few doors down, I came upon a store that sold new and used musical instruments. I went inside, looking the instruments over to see if there were any good deals. I was unimpressed with what they have to offer.

But as I turned to leave, the female clerk started talking to me and she agreed that the store had a poor selection at the time, but that she had something better to offer. She took me in the back room, where we proceeded to have a quickie, with me bending her over a table. After we were done, she told me to come back anytime; that even if they never get any better instruments in, that she'll always make the trip worth my while.

As I left, I realized I'd been gone longer than I intended and I rushed back to the church just in time to see the woman and her mother coming out. They saw me rushing up the street, still tucking my shirt into my pants. She accurately guessed what I'd been up to. As I caught up with her, she told me just to forget it and not call her anymore.

I walked off, disappointed, but not overly concerned with it.

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