Saturday, August 11, 2007

A Shitty Rant

I woke up several hours earlier than I cared to this morning, not feeling well. As the day progressed, my vague malaise developed into full-blown dysentery. Not only was I running back and forth to the bathroom, I felt decidedly woozy.

Because the forecast predicated another sweltering triple-digit day, I thought that it would be better for me to stay home under the air-conditioner, near the toilet, rather than to go out with little sleep, an upset stomach, and a system depleted from repeated diarrhea.

So, I called in to inform them of that fact and I was told that I couldn't be out unless I had a "doctor's excuse". I don't know about you, but I don't know anyone who goes to the doctor for diarrhea. All I wanted to do was avoid the sun, rest and stay near a toilet until it ran its course. Not every ailment that indicates that a person should stay home necessarily needs a doctor's care.

I also resented the hell out of this because my job doesn't provide any health insurance whatsoever -- I can't be running back and forth to the doctor for every small ailment, considering that I have to pay full price out of my pocket every time I visit. If it's something that will pass on its own, I prefer to treat myself with common sense methods at home and save money, especially considering the pittance I earn each week. It's also not logical to assume that if an ailment doesn't require a doctor's attention that a person is therefore fit to work.

If I had a job in an office where I was seated to do my work with a desk near a restroom, I'd have gone to work, no problem. But in my job, I spend large amounts of time with no convenient access to a rest room, so that changes the situation completely in my book.

And it's not as if I'm providing some vital service -- they'd have survived a day without me, I'm sure. Indeed, when I did have a job that was a vital service, I had a much easier time taking a day off when I was sick.

So, I was obliged to drag my weary, worn-out ass to work and suffer through a shift and several more bathroom expeditions. I was sorely tempted to take a shit on the floor and say, "See! I told you I was sick!"


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