Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Blog Housekeeping

As some of you know, I originally came here when EFX2 started showing signs of major instability back in August. I already had a mirror blog at Blog City, but there were a few minor stability glitches there as well, so I decided I needed a third blog to archive my posts. Blogger has a reputation for stability, so I started this blog.

Unfortunately, I could not import all my entries in one fell swoop, so I've been having to bring them over and paste them in one by one, backdating them as I go. Blogger's text editor is somewhat awkward and aggravating, randomly choosing to save my posts in a microscopic default font size, regardless of the size I chose, with it sometimes taking multiple edits before it would display in the chosen font size, so it's been very slow going.

EFX crashed for good in the first week of September, so I put all my efforts then into finding old blogging friends there and encouraging them to set up new homes on Blogger. Many did so and for about a week, it looked as if this would be our new permanent home.

Then, a few days ago, Keith found a new home for EFX, using WordPress MU. People quickly flocked back, but many were not happy with the lack of features and options for customization.

Another solution was found and went online this morning. It will have most of the same features we knew and enjoyed at the original EFX before it crashed and burned. So, I've spent most of the morning setting up shop over there, mainly getting the place to look like home again.

We still await the restoration of our original posts there, but I'm guessing that will return shortly.

Meanwhile, I will continue my slow transfer of posts from Blog City here to Blogger and hope to get it complete in a week or two.


LMC said...

I'm still looking for me! I finally got signed up again at the new efx home. Wish I knew what happened to my last post. I received the comments in my e-mail box, but when I clicked on them to get to the old blog it sent me to EFX's new home. So at least I know what people had for advice. I'll keep posting on the blogger blog for now. I'm soon going to go back to the efx one if/when I figure out what the heck I am doing.

I wonder if there is a book out there for "efx blogging for dummies" I could rally use one!

Libertine said...

There are a lot of bugs still to be worked out from what I can see.

I happened to bookmark my blog dashboard, so that's helping me work on my own blog for now.

Patty said...

I'm staying right here at blogspot, if I went back it would only be to find some post I had saved to use later, and it sounds like that option won't be possible.

Good luck.

Cyn said...

i just hope you continue to mirror or archive here. even if your EFx2 blog becomes well established and remains stable ..having a back up is always a good idea. so blogger would be ideal for that. consider letting the Blog City blog go...over time. not sure.. but do you have a subscription there? if so plan your retreat from that date. so then you'd have just 2 blogs to maintain. (well there is that other one here ...LOL..the naughty one. but that is a different issue.)

Libertine said...

Trust me, my Blogger blog is staying right here where it is. It will be my main blog, my master archive.

Cyn said...

yes, Master.


Anonymous said...

I had all sorts of problems at ModBlog and it crashed and then EFx2 had problems. I didn't lose much there as I kept deleting posts so as to not have an archive. I put it all on my own site and blogger. I got three blogs going here now. Don't know if you saw the latest one or not.

I hope you can come to see my Japanese friends on the blog I began the other day about Japan in the early 1950s. Sendai, Japan

KingOfAnkh said...

I'm happier with what we have at EFX now, but I'm wary enough to have a hard drive back up.

If the shit hits the fan again, I'm going to set up my own site.

I only hope my fans will follow me.

LauriesAsylum said...

I'm keeping blogger, there are some like Patty and roserose and wil,that aren't moving, and I want a backup blog anyhow. I'm taking it slow working on the new efx2, but so far, I love the private messages and the main blog page where it shows the recent post.

Melissa said...

I signed up for a new one, but it's going to take awhile before I get it all figured out. I'm going to keep my blogger account. Most of my family is staying here.