Sunday, October 14, 2007


While I can appreciate all the work that went into creating these bodies, the idea of having sex with one of these women just doesn't put the lead in my pencil. I'm afraid one of them would go into "'roid rage" and flatten me.

Despite the fact that I'm a confirmed boob man, this photo shows that there can definitely be too much of a good thing. I think if I squeezed this pair too hard, they'd explode.

And this one is just plain ridiculous. This is a photo from a fashion show, not from a Halloween store catalog, if you can believe it.


reader Wil said...

Hi Wil! I am back again and on my own computer, which is a lot faster than my daughter's.
Where did you find those photos? It's good you said that they were women.Otherwise I wouldn't have known.

Patty said...

Well those three women, if they are actually WOMEN, don't have anything appealing about them. Too much muscle. I don't even find that attractive on a man when it's that extreme.

The boobs, I can't imagine why anyone would want soemthing that looks like that. She would have a hard time walking, I would think, plus think of the back ache from carry those babies around.

The third one looks like a man in drag. It's just down right ugly. but thanks for sharing.

Libertine said...

Good to see you again, Wil. I was wondering where you'd been.

Patty: These women don't do a thingn for me, but from what I could gather from the site where I got the pics, most of them are married. Go figure.