Monday, October 29, 2007

A Good Day

I've not got anything in particular to write about today, so I'll just let my fingers wander on the keyboard and see what comes out of my mind's junk drawer.

It seems as if fall has finally arrived in my neck of the woods. It's official -- I had to wear a jacket for the first time today when I went out to do my thing. It wasn't frigid -- in the mid 40s -- but it was enough for me to pull my leather jacket out of the closet. I knew it was cold even before I got out of bed as I awakened feeling fully rested -- I always sleep better when it's cold.

As I drove through town, the trees matched the season: deep russet reds, bright yellow, and warm oranges adorned trees all over town. I have two maple trees out front that are half-turned, tending to a reddish orange hue. The colorful foliage made me wish I had a camera to capture it all.

Along with the trees, many yards in town have creative Halloween decorations, some as elaborate and detailed as those commonly seen at Christmas. There are life-size ghosts, black cats, witches, pumpkins, fake cobwebs, along with houses outlined in orange lights.

I enjoy seeing such decorations, especially considering that I live in the buckle of the Bible belt. It was all the thing ten years or so ago for fundamentalists to preach against the "evils" of Halloween and to promote alternative "harvest festivals", but judging by the growing ubiquity of Halloween decorations, this is one battle they've definitely lost and given up as a bad job.

After making a stop to pay a bill, I visited one lover for a lunchtime quickie, then hit the library to stock up on reading matter, then stopped at Arby's to try their new roast turkey sub (and they didn't try to pull the "sorry we're closed" crap on me this time). My last stop was to go to the mall to buy a new bathrobe, as my old one had gotten ratty and threadbare. I ended up having to order it because they didn't have a green one in the store in the style I'd chosen.

It's supposed to drop down into the 30s tonight, so we should get our first hard frost of the year. I hope so -- I hope it kills the grass so that the lawn mower can finally go into the shed for the winter.

It's been a perfect fall day: I've been well-rested, well-fucked, well-fed, and well-read. I can't ask for more than that.

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