Saturday, November 24, 2007

Lame Commercial

While in the car this evening, I heard an irritating commercial on the radio.

It was for one of these cheap-ass hair cutting places and it featured an announcer talking to a very bad imitation of Homer Simpson. The announcer asked if Bart is still acting up. Homer replied that he's not and the announcer asked why not. Homer replied that Bart is now "clean cut"; that he took him to Super Cuts for a haircut. Homer said Bart had been behaving himself ever since the haircut.

That pissed me off; the assumption that, for males, long hair = lawlessness and/or misbehavior and that short hair = good behavior and/or moral superiority.

In another commercial by the same company, the exact details I cannot remember right now, the long-haired male is portrayed as a unemployable loser, a bum.

It seems to me that this place could find a better way to sell their services than to appeal to tired stereotypes. After all, commercials for hair stylists that are aimed at women focus on hair styling, not hair length, and do not present one style as being superior to another.

But I suppose they're catering to the lowest common denominator, just like most advertisers do.



Patty said...

You need to send the hair salon a hand written note saying the commercial offended you. And they would be the last place you would go to have your hair even trimmed.

D.K. said...

The lowest common denominator is exactly who that ad was sold to. It's those kind of people, who continuously fail to think for themselves, that are such easy targets for everything from hair cuts to politics.