Friday, November 9, 2007

Weird Dreams

I've been having a lot of wild dreams lately, so I thought I'd share some with you.

In one dream, I was in a mall somewhere, and I saw a woman I'd not seen in a long time in a corridor leading to a fast food restaurant. I was just leaving a store and I hurried to catch her. She didn't see me, and left the restaurant heading away from me toward an escalator. When I get to the escalator, I stepped on without looking and discovered that it wasn't an escalator, but a moving slide. I fell and the conveyor took me down. I went on and on and had to keep my head down because it got smaller and narrower. I then realized it was some kind of luggage chute, like at the airport.

I had that dream about a week ago, and this is all I remember about it.

In another dream, I'm in bed with a lover late at night. We are in an upstairs bedroom in her family's home and she is in her late 20s. I'd entered from the back entrance, so I'd thought no one knew I was there.

We are awakened to loud voices out in the hallway, then I heard loud banging on the door. I heard her brother say he was going to kill me. I slipped out the window and down the trellis and hauled ass out of there.

That was also several days ago and that's all I remember of that one.

Last night, I dreamed that an old coworker invited me out to have pizza at a new restaurant. She pulled up to my house in a minivan, then asked me to drive, as she was tired. We drove there and she directed me to the back of the store, which was situated at the top of a hill, out in the country.

I pulled up at the back, taking a winding road to get there. She hopped out, telling me to wait in the van; that she'd ordered the pizza for pick-up. As I waited, the van started rolling backward by itself, heading down the hill, rapidly picking up speed. I hit the brakes, but nothing happened. I hit them frantically again, and they flipped up and fell apart.

The van ended up in a swamp at the bottom of the hill, and I was not hurt. Later, I went home and watched the news and found out my friend had been arrested for setting this up and attempting to kill me. They interviewed another former coworker on the news and she said, "That man needed killing".

Weird dreams, huh?

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