Monday, December 3, 2007

Let Them Eat Cake

The other night while listening to the radio, I heard an ad which began by talking about the plight of poor people overseas at Christmas time. At first, I thought it was asking people to donate money to send food and warm clothing to such people.

I was wrong.

It was a solicitation to send Bibles to poor people overseas, which would be personally presented to them by a "wonderful missionary". (Their exact words). Pardon me if I gag at this point. Never mind that what poor people the world over need most is food, clothing, job assistance, health care, education, and other practical things.

I've heard of missionaries who make people convert first before they'll give them any food, clothing, or other needed items. But this is the first ad I've heard where they're so blatant about it.

Give them a Bible and let them eat cake!


1 comment:

D.K. said...

What cake? They're not even getting that (I realize it's just an expression)...just a bible.

Personally, I think this sort of action is despicable.

But, so be it. I say let them "convert", get what they need, then toss the religion that required them to convert for humane treatment into yesterday's garbage.

After all, there is nothing that can really stop them from doing so.