Saturday, December 22, 2007

Rambling About Christmas Lists

After reading Slade Wilson's Christmas gift lists a couple of weeks ago, I sat down to think of what I wanted for Christmas this year. And beyond wanting more books for my collection, I couldn't really think of anything in particular that I wanted.

This was rather unusual for me, as I've always before been able to rattle off a list of desired Christmas gifts at the drop of a hat. As a kid, I'd make my list months ahead of time, usually starting around the time a school year would begin, as this was the signal of the start of the holiday season (Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year). My parents always got a Sears Christmas Wish Book, and I'd pore over it for hours at a time, dog-earing the section devoted to toys. I'd circle the items I wanted in pen and then show it to my parents. On Christmas morning, most of what I'd circled would be waiting for me under the tree. As the youngest child in a household with no other pre-teens, I'd always make out like a bandit each year.

I remember the feelings of anticipation that would build as the month of December wore on. By Christmas Eve, I'd worked myself up so much, I could barely go to sleep that night. I miss that feeling -- it came back to some degree when my son was a kid, as I'd anticipate his reaction to his own gifts, but it was never quite the same. For one thing, I could never afford to give my son as much as my parents gave me, and even my Dad didn't give my son as much as he gave me.

As an adult, though I've never gotten the volume of gifts I got as a kid, I've usually been able to produce a Christmas list on short notice. This year, it's different. I don't want much and it doesn't bother me that I won't get much.

But there's one thing I think would make an excellent gift -- I wish Amazon would award a prize to a selected number of customers that would give them their entire Amazon Wish Lists for free.


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Melissa said...

I don't have a lot on my Christmas list either, other than I would really like a mp3 player, or a new digital camera. Other than that, I don't have need anything. I don't even need the things I mentioned, but they would be nice.

That's a nice idea you have about Amazon, though I don't see them doing that!