Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Distracted Ramblings

I really don't have much to say today. I've been off for the last two days and let's just say that I've been more than a little....distracted....these two days. I've got a new lover and she's been keeping me busy, to say the least. I've just not been in a writing frame of mind.

So, tonight, I will write about whatever pops into my head as I write. I've got the TV on in the background and the newest commercial I love to hate just came on. It's a McDonald's spot with some yuppies sitting in an office spouting tired buzz words about the decline of the dollar: the dollar is tanking, it's in free fall, ad nauseum. Then one of the office flunkies returns to the office with a bag containing McDonald's double cheesburgers, which cost a dollar each. At this, all the cliche-spouting yuppies suddenly change their tune -- "the dollar's looking goooooood!" Ugh. Spare me the pretentious jargon, please.

The temperature was nearly 70 degrees here today. In February. I hope this doesn't mean that winter is over already. I'm not ready for the hot weather to start again so soon. I can only hope that this week is simply an aberration and that more seasonable temperatures will return.

I recently read that scientists in England have created human embryos by using the DNA of three people, two women and a man. The point of these genetically altered embryos is to produce children without inherited disease. So far, none of the embryos have been allowed to develop into fetuses. I'm guessing that this is something that will elicit quite a bit of protest, if the protests against human cloning are any indication.

While driving around town in the last few weeks, I've seen quite a few Hillary yard signs in people's yards, mainly in working class neighborhoods. I've seen exactly one Huckabee sign, a handful of Obama and Romney bumper stickers and a couple of McCain yard signs put up at busy intersections. I wonder if this cross section is any indication of how the election will go?

Well, that's about it. I'm kind of worn out, so I'll end this for now.

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Winter said...

I'm with you on the weather. It's been pushing 70 for most of this week and I don't want the warm weather back yet. I love my sweaters. I want to wear them more than a couple of weeks a year.

I live in a Republican county. I think they even have the KKK here. Orange County is such an odd place.I really do like it here though. I'm comfortable where I am. If I have to live a lower middle class existence, at least it's fairly comfortable.