Monday, March 3, 2008

An Observation

Like most pizza delivery businesses, my store often delivers large orders to church groups, and also to clubs and bars. Some of these kinds of customers order weekly, others on a semi-regular basis. Churches typically order from about fifty dollars to five hundred dollars worth of pizzas when they order for one of their groups, with bars tending to be in the fifty dollar range.

I've noticed one main difference between church customers and bar customers. Churches, regardless of the size of the church, or the affluence of the neighborhood they're in, will stiff the driver nine times out of ten, regardless of how many pizzas are delivered. And the stiff is usually accompanied by a patronizing attitude on the part of the person taking delivery.

Bars, who typically order eight to ten pizzas for their customers, almost always tip generously, and are grateful for the convenience of having food delivered.

I find it amusing and ironic that the so-called "sinners" seem to know more about how to act in a Christian manner than the self-righteous stiffers from the churches.

Your thoughts?

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transfattyacid said...

I think the answer lies in the hypocrisy of a religion based on poverty is the richest landowner and corporation in the world... has a Christian ever given you there coat when you ask them?