Sunday, March 16, 2008

Odd Dreams

I've been having a lot of vivid dreams lately, so I thought I'd share a few snippets of recent ones.

In one dream, I was standing on the side of a rural road with a lover. A column of Army trucks drove past us, each full of infantry soldiers. But they were not the usual soldiers one might expect to see. They looked like ancient Greek or Roman foot soldiers, complete with chest armor, bare legs, sandals, those helmets with the crests that look like the bristle part of a push broom, round shields, and long spears.

The woman with me looked at me in confusion to see this incongruous sight and I told her that the men were hoplites.

I thought that this particular manifestation of history was odd because, even though I'm a history buff, I know very little about this particular time period and have not read any more about it than one would get in a general history book from school. I have no clue whatsoever why I remembered what a hoplite was and why they appeared in my dream.

In the next dream on the same night, I was in an auditorium and I was using the cell phone of one of my old college roommates. It's not clear who I was speaking of, but I was talking about my former roommate in a less than complimentary fashion, talking about how he had mental problems and needed some help.

The dream drifted a bit and the roommate came along and found his cell phone where I'd left it in the auditorium. I was watching from somewhere nearby, but unseen by the ex roommate. Unbeknownst to me, he had a cell phone that recorded all conversations made on it, so I witnessed him discovering the call I made, but not recognizing my voice on the phone -- it had been nearly 30 years since I'd seen him.

He was pissed and submitted the conversation to a voice recognition program to see if he could figure out who said the uncomplimentary things about him. I'm not sure if he ever did discover it, as the dream faded before he got to that point.

On another night, I was visiting with a former coworker from about 20 years ago in her high rise apartment building. Her husband was not at home and I was hoping to get her into bed. It's not clear if I did or not, but the dream fast-forwarded to several hours later and she got a call from her husband, saying he's on the way home.

I was standing behind where she was sitting on the sectional sofa and when she hung up, I said I have to leave. She looked at the clock and said that I can't get my car back after five thirty, so I won't be able to get home.

The apartment building had a parking area way up high inside the apartment building itself, with the cars being brought up that high by means of a vehicle elevator. (There is such a thing -- I remember my parents using a parking garage in Boston that took cars to upper levels by means of several car elevators.).

I looked at my watch and thought it was not yet five thirty -- but it was ten-thirty at night.

The dream drifted and she and I were wandering in hidden corridors of the building, the ones maintenance workers would use. We came upon a long row of cement columns, covered in thin metal sheets and metal guard rails. I see a crack, where one of the metal/guardrail sheets had come loose and I look to see what's on the other side.

It was part of the garage area, which was the length of a couple of football fields. I looked and saw my car parked, along with several others, at the bottom of one section. I pried the rest of the metal piece open and we squeezed through, but by the time we got to where the car was, it had disappeared. We saw two doors on either side of the garage area and we each took a door, to see if there were other garages behind them that would have my car.

I went through my door and found a room full of red metal rolling toolchests.

The dream drifted at this point, and I never found out how it ended.

Odd dreams, huh?


transfattyacid said...

maybe it's the spring solstace...

niharika said...
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Winter said...

I've been having very vivid dreams too. I posted about it last week, I Dream of Nikki. I've always wondered what triggers the vivid dreams as opposed to the ones we can't really remember as we awaken.