Thursday, April 3, 2008

Pests in Public

I've written a few times about how I handle people who ring my doorbell uninvited, especially those selling religion door-to-door.

But I don't think I've covered what I do when approached by people in public, such as at the mall, who are selling things, religion, or who want me to take some sort of inane survey.

It's quite simple. I do the "Helen Keller routine". That is, I play deaf, dumb, and blind. I keep on walking and give absolutely no indication that I heard them, saw them, or are even aware of their existence. I figure that with this type of cold selling, there's no point in giving them even the tiniest of openings.

Some of them don't get it, though. I've had some of them to follow me for quite awhile, bleating, "Sir! Sir! Sir! Sir!"

It never works, however. The more insistent they are at catching my attention, the more I am obdurately determined to ignore them. I especially relish doing this to those losers who try to bum a cigarette off me in a parking lot. I can't be bothered to tell them I don't smoke.

How about you? How do you handle annoyances of this type?


The Blogger Exposed said...

Well, being the passive-aggressive, and overly considerate person, I used to be a fool and allow them to give their spiel before politely declining and turning away. But after being accosted by about 10 Mary Kay freaks in a matter of a month, I learned to step it up a notch.

Many times I will do what you mentioned, and simply ignore them. But depending on my mood, for instance if I've had a really shitty day, I may welcome the opportunity to let them get the brunt of it. That is rare, and I don't fly off the handle, but I definitely give them more than they ever hoped to give me.

transfattyacid said...

I just keep walking.

Though occasionally if it is a market researcher I will spare the time to give them my views - though actually I don't give them my views - I generally tell the exact opposite of what they want to hear - for instance I deny having ever seen the brand of lager or whatever, in the hope that the company will respond by wasting even more money on advertising.

Occasionally I do amuse myself with religious types by claiming that I am a devil whorshipper or a snakehandler.

It depends on how bored I am at the time.