Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Earworms in Commercials

There are a few current commercials whose jingles have turned into earworms for me. That is, the tunes tend to replay endlessly in my head.

The first is a commercial for Sears' appliances. There's not much to the jingle, except them singing, "Well, all right!" and "Ooh Hoo" in an endless loop. Nevertheless, it's catchy and it's stuck in my head.

Another commercial is for K9 Advantix insect treatment for dogs. It has a dog singing a silly tune:

There ain't no bugs on me
There ain't no bugs on me
There may be bugs on some of you mugs
But there ain't no bugs on me

Yeah, there may be bugs on some of you mugs
But there ain't no bugs on me

It's silly, but I find myself singing the damn song sometimes when I'm driving down the road.

The last commercial is for The Money Store. I get a kick out of this commercial mainly for the visuals that go with the lyrics. One verse goes:

On title loans
The first month's free
And the repo man
Ain't gettin' your keys

During this part of the jingle, it shows a guy with messy hair wearing dirty clothes, shifting his bulging eyes back and forth, while he's sniffing and holding out his hand. I'd never do business with one of these places and the music is cheesy, so I guess it's the ridiculous looking repo man that makes the tune stick in my head.

Are there any commercials you like in spite of, or maybe because of, how stupid they are?

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