Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Another Odd Dream

I had a rather odd dream last night. For some reason unclear to me, I was placed in a jail cell with my ex. It was the jail attached to the police department I worked for, but it looked different than in everyday life. There were two storeys of cells, which was arranged in an open U-shape, looking more like a motel than a jail. Of course, the cells had barred doors, rather than normal motel doors, but otherwise it looked like a motel.

My ex and I had a second floor cell and we each had our own cot and we work denim clothes. I knew we'd been placed in the same cell simply because we'd been married. I managed to slip through the bars and get out of the cell and I found my way down to the first level.

Before I could get away from the jail, the sun came up and I knew the jailer would come along and catch me if I didn't move. I considered going back up the stairs and back into the cell before he made his cell checks, but I figured he would catch me before I could get there.

I suddenly noticed an elevator behind me, at the corner of the U. I grabbed onto the outside of the car, meaning to ride it up on the outside. I did so, holding my breath so as not to get caught along the wall.

I ended up in the lobby of a reception room of some sort. No one was in the room, and I looked back to see a bank of elevators from where I'd come from. I had to figure out which was the right one, so I could get back before I was caught, so I could try my escape the next evening.

The middle elevator opened to reveal that it had doors on both sides. The second set of doors opened to show it had another elevator behind it. I jumped in and rode it back down to the proper floor between the two elevators.

When I got back to the cell, I found that another man had been added to the cell in my absence. I was relieved because this meant I no longer belonged there and knew I had to get out before they found me there where I didn't belong.

Odd, huh?

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Jay said...

Very odd! Looks like you're trying to decide where in life you fit. The jail thing probably means you feel trapped in some way, but you know that the way out lies in your own hands.

There. One amateur dream analysis free of charge. ;)