Sunday, June 8, 2008

Weather Rant

We've been having a heat wave here for the better part of a week. Daytime high temps are averaging ten degrees above normal for this time of year. That's the high 90s, close to 100, folks. Accompanied by high humidity, of course.

I know some areas are getting it worse than me with flooding, tornadoes, and so on, but that's only scant comfort from the heat. I hate hot weather like a cat hates rain. Up until this latest heat wave, temps had been reasonable and I'd been under the (mistaken) impression that we were going to have a mild summer.

I don't feel like doing anything but laying around under the air conditioner. I've reverted to reverse-hibernation mode, rarely going out until early evening. I'm considering moving my bed right under the air conditioning vent, as it's too sticky to even get laid right now. Now, that's HOT!

Even my cats are miserable. They're just laying around listlessly, as close to the AC vent as they can get. Neither them nor I have much of an appetite; it's too hot to eat.

Too hot to eat, too hot to fuck. That's definitely my idea of hell.

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Winter said...

The weather has been rather mild here which seems odd. However, living over the garages where everyone runs their washers and dryers all day and night means it's hot in my condo. And I don't have A/C. So I totally empathize.