Thursday, August 21, 2008

I Don't Need High Maintenance Barbie Dolls

Fashion is a form of ugliness so intolerable that we have to alter it every six months.
-Oscar Wilde

This morning, I read an article at Alternet, The Things Women Go Through to Attract Men.., which prompted me to respond. The author summarized her post by saying:

A mind-boggling variety of torture devices have been contrived throughout history to make women more 'attractive' to men.

My response:

I like women. I like them in all sizes and shapes and I like them just as they are without a lot of artificial embellishments.

I like women who are sufficiently confident and laid-back enough to take on the world with a minimum of embellishment.

Being sexy and attractive is an attitude -- it's not high heels, makeup, fancy hairstyles, and so on. A woman who needs these things in order to feel confident and attractive is missing the boat, in my opinion. I think of women like Tammy Faye Bakker, who once said she didn't even go to bed without makeup, which I think is kind of sad.

A woman who is truly sexy will be sexy no matter what she wears because it's her attitude and bearing that makes her so, not her adornments.

High maintenance types who spend large amounts of time on their hair, makeup, clothes, and going to the gym strike me as being excessively self-absorbed, which isn't all that sexy of a personality trait. A woman who jumps out of the shower and pulls on a clean t shirt and jeans and runs a comb through her hair and is ready to go will always attract me over the "don't muss my hair or kiss me with makeup on" types, hands down.

Of course, if a woman wants to do the Barbie doll routine, that's her right, but I'll pass her up for one of her less flashy, down-to-earth sisters every time. She'll be a lot more fun to be around in most cases.

Your thoughts?


Jay said...

You sound like my kind of man!!

Luckily for me - the original shower and clean t-shirt, quick comb-through and blow-dry woman - my Other Half feels exactly the same way. He doesn't understand high-maintenance or high heels.

I had a lot of trouble with self-confidence in my youth. Now I'm over fifty and I feel sexier than I ever did. OH tells me I AM sexier than ever, and you know what? I believe him.

It is all about attitude. That, and self-confidence, and being comfortable in your skin. And that goes for both sexes, too. ;)

Chica said...

I'm with ya on this one Lib! I hate high maintenance people, of any gender for that matter!