Saturday, August 30, 2008

Peggy Hill Runs for Vice President

It seems as if I was premature, to say the least, in my entry yesterday about McCain's VP pick. Rather than saying his choice was an "astute" one (it's not), I should have said I could see McCain's motivations. And though I can see his thought process, I think it's a gamble that's going to backfire on him.

He may have chosen her partially to attract disgruntled Hillary supporters -- but surely there are more experienced, capable Republican women he could have chosen? The former Governor of New Jersey, Christine Todd Whitman immediately comes to mind as one example.

And it seems as if I was dead wrong in predicting that the religious right would be displeased with his choice. Many leaders in the religious right have expressed approval, which indicates that another reason McCain chose her was to attract their votes.

I had thought the relgious right would be take the view that a woman with young children should be at home raising them, rather than running for VP. But I forgot to take into account the "Do As I Say, Not As I Do" streak that has always been present among the religious right wing, as was perhaps best illustrated by anti-feminist activist Phyllis Schlafly, who believed a woman's highest calling was to be a stay at home mother, yet she never was a "simple" housewife, but rather has devoted her life to promoting several politically and religiously right wing causes. The religious right has always made room for forceful female tokens who articulately express their viewpoints, as long as they remain exceptions to the rule, and do not encourage rank and file women to do likewise.

It also appears as if Sarah Palin is more to the right politically than I got from the initial impression of her. After doing a bit of reading yesterday, it seems as if she's against a woman's right to choose, she's got ties to big oil, believes that creationism ought to be taught alongside evolution in the schools, opposes same-sex marriage, she was a supporter of the ultra right wing Pat Buchanan's bid for the Presidency, she dismisses global warming theories, to cite a few examples.

After listening to her speak yesterday (after I'd written yesterday's entry), I had to wonder if McCain was kidding us. She gave the impression that she's still a small-town soccer mom addressing the PTA, rather than a candidate capable of being the leader of the free world on a moment's notice should McCain be elected. Actually, she reminded me strongly of the character Peggy Hill (from the TV show, King of the Hill), a self-important woman who constantly overestimates her abilities and qualifications and who is always trying to get involved in activities where she clearly out of her depth.

When the Vice Presidential debates come, the highly capable and experienced Joe Biden is going to wipe up the floor with her. Regardless of political party, all one needs to ask themselves is which one they would prefer dealing with global issues and foreign leaders; to lead our nation should it become necessary. I think the answer is obvious.

Your thoughts?

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Melissa said...

I haven't read much of anything about her, but after reading what you wrote, this only reinforces my decision to vote for Obama.