Saturday, September 13, 2008

A Perfect Summary

This blogger perfectly sums up why Sarah Palin is unqualified to run as Vice President of the United States. It's short, sweet, and says it all.

Sarah Palin is the distilled essence of wingnut. She has it all. She is dishonest. She is a religious nut. She is incurious. She is anti-science. She is inexperienced. She abuses her authority. She hides behind executive privilege. She is a big spender. She works from the gut and places a greater value on instinct than knowledge. And most dangerous of all, she is supremely self-confident to the point of not recognizing how ill-equipped she is to lead the country.

In my opinion, Sarah Palin is Ann Coulter, Peggy Hill, Delores Umbridge, and Phyllis Schlafly all rolled into one.

Your thoughts?


Anonymous said...

I find it curious to note that where the USA was founded on the grounds of separation of church and state, American Politicians today I believe are eager to put forward their religious principles.

Canada on the other hand was founded on Christian values and the word "God" also appears in the constitution. But few Canadian politicians even dare to bring their religion into equation - least they be back lashed.

I think Cole the summarizes Palin very well. Interesting to note, that it comes blogger associated with Pajamas Media which I think tends to be for the most part, Christian Conservative in it's coverage.
I too think she is looks a lot like Peggy Hill.

lizzie said...

but she is so pretty :::rolls eyes:::