Saturday, September 6, 2008

Voldemort/Umbridge 2008?

A few days ago, I wrote a post comparing Sarah Palin to Peggy Hill. While listening to her acceptance speech at the Republican convention the other night, her tone of voice and simpering little laugh immediately reminded me of another fictional character, one far less benign than Peggy Hill.

Save for the lack of a British accent, Sarah Palin reminded me strongly of Delores Umbridge, the evil witch who takes over Hogwarts in the movie, "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix".

It seems as if I wasn't alone making this connection. Someone on Facebook did a comparison of the two women, which I've reproduced below:

The similarities are astounding. Here's a few:
1. Palin has enjoyed a meteoric rise to the center of politics. Umbridge, likewise, came from nowhere to take over Hogwarts.
2. They resemble toads, wear glasses, and have an affinity for all things pink.
3. Both like censorship. Umbridge censored using wands and having fun, and Palin tried to censor certain books in a public library that were against her morals (bizarre because Palin was a communications major -- turncoat!).
4. Both were selected to high posts by really old dudes. Come to think of it, McCain might even be Cornelius Fudge...hmmm...
5. They both have acidic personalities--either agree with them or leave. Umbridge polarized Hogwarts while Palin, upon being elected mayor of tiny Wasilla, Alaska, asked a bunch of her staff to resign if they supported the former mayor.
6. Both ignore obvious problems. Umbridge ignored the constant evidence that Voldemort was returning to power, whereas Palin ignores the fact that her daughter is living proof that abstinence-only education is retarded.
7. Both have a tendency of being wicked with a sunny disposition. Umbridge, among other things, make Harry scar himself with pointless discipline, with a smile, while Palin is willing to send our troops to die for an unjust cause, with a smile (idea compliments of Charles Mitchell).

The list can go on, and I'm sure over time it will. But the fact is that we as a country are seriously considering a Fudge/Umbridge--I mean, McCain/Palin ticket.

Actually, I'd say a Voldemort/Umbridge ticket, if the pictures I posted the other day comparing McCain and Voldemort are any indication.