Tuesday, October 28, 2008

How Many Ways Are You Going to Hell?

How many ways are you going to hell?

The creator of this amusing sign should count himself lucky that being a half-illiterate dumbass with bad grammar and bad spelling is not on the list of sins or he'd be down there right now serving drinks to Adolf Hitler and Joe Stalin.

Personally, I'd send him to hell just for the rampant apostrophe abuse. And what the hell is "fullutent"? Flatulent? If farting will earn you a one way ticket to hell, at least I'll see everyone I ever knew when I get there.

Out of this lists of "sins", the list below shows the ways I'll be going to hell. Feel free to list the ways you'll earn your ride on the handbasket to hell.

Environmentalist -- I guess he thinks Jesus wants us to trash the planet
Abortionist -- I've never performed an abortion, but I'm pro choice
Feminist -- I'm not a misogynist, so I must be a feminist
I'm not gay, but I'm pro-same sex rights, so I guess I'm a "homo" enabler
Government Recipient -- I've collected unemployment and tax refund checks before, so I guess I qualify for this
Liar -- who hasn't ever lied?

The maker of this sign obviously has no clue whatsoever of what Jesus is supposed to be all about:

Love Your Neighbor

Let's see your "sins".


Ousizch said...
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Melissa said...

Hmm....there's a few on there I'm guilty of! I think everyone I know will be in hell.