Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Lowest Common Denominator

The other day, Alternet posted an article, Former News Radio Staffer Spills the Beans on How Shock Jocks Inspire Hatred and Anger by Dan Shelley, which went behind the scenes of one such talk radio host. My response to the article follows below.

Lowest Common Denominator

Right wing talk show hosts specialize in simplistic, black and white thinking and rely heavily on ad hominem attacks.

They attract the lowest common denominator of listeners and appeal to people's basest, least civilized instincts.

I regularly monitor Neal Boortz in a "know your enemy" campaign, but I'd never call the show, as I know I'd not get a fair hearing for my views. I've seen how he "handles" callers who disagree. For one thing, he usually only lets the most inarticulate opposing callers on the air, whom he proceeds to make fun of and uses to "prove" his points. Any opposing callers who slip through who speak clearly, he prevents them from making their points by constant interruptions. He'll hang up on them if they begin to get the upper hand.

So, I know it's a pointless endeavor to call this show, or any others of the same ilk.

Rather, I make my responses on my blog, where I can make my point without interruption and where it can be read for months and years afterwards.

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