Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Ten Things Not to Say On a First Date?

While trawling the net for something to write about, I came upon an article "10 Things Not To Say On a First Date. Following below are the ten things, plus my comments about each point.

1. "My ex is crazy."

If a woman I just met told me this, my first thought would be to wonder if she wasn't a little bit crazy herself to get involved with an unbalanced person. There's plenty of time later on to talk about exes after you've gotten to know each other enough to know that the other isn't "off".

2. "I would like to get married and have kids asap."

I don't know about you, but that would send me running for the hills, post haste. But, perhaps it's a good thing to have that issue laid on the table right away, so we don't waste one another's time if we're of different minds on the subject.

3. "Who are you voting for?"

Most of the time, I'm just looking to get laid, so I avoid talking about potentially touchy subjects that might kill the deal before it even happens. As with the first point, there's plenty of time to talk about politics later on after you've gotten to know one another.

4. "Can you pay the check? I'm broke."

I can't imagine anyone being impressed with someone who gives the impression of being a cheapskate or a mooch.

5. "What's your favorite TV show?"

This one isn't so bad, even if it is a bit boring.

6. "Where did you go to school?"

This one is a variation of the "what do you do?" question. Remember, it's a date, not a job interview. You're there to have fun, not exchange resume highlights.

7. "Can I take your picture?"

Kind of creepy and stalker-ish. There's plenty of time for picture taking, which will happen spontaneously once you get to know one another better.

8. "I'm poly-(fill in the blank)"

This is one I don't agree with. I'm not monogamous and I let prospective new partners know that I'm a libertine from the get-go. If they're expecting a monogamous relationship and are not willing to budge on that point, it's better to know that right away so we don't waste one another's time and risk misunderstanding and hurt feelings.

9. "So I just got out of rehab."

Though it shouldn't be the first thing you tell a date, I'd not advise keeping this one to yourself for very long, especially if you've only recently kicked the habit. Those whose addictions are safely years in the past can of course, wait until you know one another pretty well before rattling down this particular skeleton from the closet.

10. "So ya wanna come back to my place?"

I usually get laid on the first date, as I'm usually looking for a friend with benefits or a one time deal. I'm getting too old to invest a lot of time in women who aren't on the same page with me, so I routinely break this "rule" as well. Of course, I tend to only choose women who are looking for the same thing I am, so I don't often have crossed wires about this issue.

So, there we have it. Your mileage may vary, of course, on the validity or lack thereof of my response to these "rules", but it's worked for me for years.

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