Friday, January 9, 2009

The Later Than Late Route

For some strange reason, no matter where I've lived over the course of my life (several locations in five states), wherever I've lived has been, without fail, on what I call the Post Office's "Later Than Late" route.

That is, my mail delivery never arrives until very late in the afternoon, often not arriving until after dark in the winter. I've seen the mail truck roll by my house as late as six PM.

What are the odds on something like this happening? One would think that given the number of residences I've had during my lifetime, that I would have also had a variety of typical mail arrival times as well.

It would seem that the luck of my Murphy ancestors (as in Murphy's law) is working overtime for me to get stuck with the Later Than Late route yet again with every change of address.

I read today that because of the recession, the USPS is planning to re-organize and consolidate many routes. I'm guessing this will mean my Later Than Late route will change to a Getting Today's Mail Tomorrow route.

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