Wednesday, March 25, 2009

An Observation

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Roger said...

I agree that malcontents and misfits are often the agents of change, however, not all of their change is for the good or is it progressive. Sometimes folks just need to learn the lessons of history first.

For example, most radical Islamics support or condone violence to achieve change. (I'm not lumping the more moderate Muslims in this group.) They typically eschew non-violence as a means of protest. They seem to miss the success of Gandhi and the Rev. King, and perhaps dwell on the thus-far failure of Tibet.

In this instance in my view, these radicals cause a more reactionary impulse in their enemies, which does anything but promote change and achieve their goal of ending Western influence in the Middle East.

Hitler was also a malcontent and misfit and few will argue that he was one the most heinous people in history.