Monday, April 20, 2009

Beauty Contestant Clones



These women were both contestants in the Miss USA pageant. I don’t find either of these women attractive, with the winner on the left especially unappealing to me, with her overly long, jutting jawline. Can you say “horsey”? I knew you could.

First of all, both women are very hard looking. Both appear to be between 35 and 40, even though these are only 21 and 22. I hate to see what they’ll look like when they are 40. The prominent jawlines, combined with an overtanned, overly made up, and overdyed appearance doesn’t do a thing for me, either.

I didn’t watch the pageant, but considering that these two are near clones, I wonder how many other clones they had among the contestants.

You may not agree, but I prefer my women to be less hard and angular looking. Getting in bed with either one of these would probably be like getting into a bed with a broom, I’m guessing.


Roger said...

I can't speak to that. ;-)

Lady Sarcasm said...

Yah I didn't watch it either, but I do know I did like Miss Idaho, thought she was pretty cute, not just because she has the same home state roots :)