Monday, May 25, 2009

Funny Commercial

I’ve posted about TV commercials that annoy the crap out of me in a few past entries. Today, I thought I’d be different and write about one that is currently my favorite. I could see how people could find this one annoying as well, but there’s something about it that hits my funny bone just the right way and makes me laugh.

This one is the latest in a series of Alltel commercials where Chad the Alltel guy outwits four dweeby, dorky representatives from four other cell phone companies who wear brightly colored polo shirts.. In this most recent commercial, Chad is standing on the sidewalk trying to persuade a family to switch cell phone companies. The four dorks come along and the guy in the yellow shirt, a pudgy, short guy with a Richard Simmons lookalike hairstyle, starts ranting and raving:

So what if I smell like sour cream and failure and my mother is embarrassed by me and tells people I’m part troll!

This commercial is shown about a hundred times a day, but it cracks me up every time. I think the guy who plays the dork in the yellow shirt probably has a brilliant career ahead of him in comedy.

Alltel commercial


Sally-Sal said...

The guy in the yellow shirt was in "Accepted". He's pretty funny.

Grimfairy said...

It's one of the few simple, yet funny commercials out there. The other one that cracks me up is the Gamefly commercial where people are sobbing, punching walls & screaming b/c they bought an expensive game that sucks.