Sunday, July 19, 2009

Hypocrisy: The True Amorality

While idly browsing the net today, I came upon a most interesting post that expressed similar ideas to my own about the recent flurry of public moral hypocrisy we’ve seen lately on the news. What caught my interest about this post was that it came from the other side of the aisle from my own thoughts; that of the social conservative.

What follows below are my comments on this post. To better understand my comments, ead the original article first:


Scott Hughes said...

Like most people, I dislike hypocrisy. But I consider myself an amoralist. Anyone can call anything moral or immoral, so we can never agree on that. But we can agree on who is honest, who is monogamous and who is non-monogamous, etc. without ever bringing morality into the picture.

Libertine said...

You make a good point.