Thursday, July 14, 2005

Twisted Priorities

Shortly before I moved away from Texas in 1985, there was a story in the newspaper that raised quite a bit of controversy.

A young mother had taken a trip to the grocery store with her baby. After loading her groceries onto the back seat, the door swung back and closed, locking her out and the baby into the car. She quickly went back into the store to get some help opening the door.

One of the employees, a young man, came out to help her. He tried the old coat hanger trick several times, all to no avail. Finally, he ended up smashing the window in, as it was a hot summer day, and the baby was showing signs of distress.

Was this woman grateful that he'd freed her baby from the hot car?

She was not.

She called the police, wanting the man arrested for "vandalizing" her property. When the police arrived, she told them that she'd told the young man that she'd call her husband to bring another set of keys and that they should wait.

Thing was, though, the husband worked on the other end of Dallas and, even under the best highway conditions, it would have taken him at least forty-five minutes to get there.

Obviously this woman was more concerned about the car window than her baby's safety.

The cops told her that she should be thanking the young man for saving her baby's life and she was lucky that they didn't arrest her for endangering her child's safety.

Some people in this world are so fucked up.


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