Friday, September 7, 2007

Inappropriate Government Meddling

A senator in the South American country of Colombia has proposed a law that would punish adulterers with fines and community service.

Sen. Edgar Espindola claimed that his motivation was to protect children, appealing to the vague notion of "family values".

"I believe a lot of my companions are going to support this initiative," Espindola. "This project should motivate Colombians to reflect on the importance of the marriage, the home and the importance of family."

Affected spouses could complain to family court judges and present whatever evidence they had, such as photographs, to set the enforcement of this law in motion. However, those adulterers whose spouses did not complain would escape punishment.

I think Espindola's proposed law is a waste of the government's time and resources, not to mention it being an inappropriate matter for government involvement.

People should take responsibility for and handle their own private relationships and not expect the government to get involved in a parental-type role in such matters. Such a law, if enacted, would be one of the worst examples of "Nanny State" legislation ever to come down the pike.


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