Saturday, September 8, 2007

None Too Soon

It would seem as if I opened this blog none too soon, as the EFX site may unfortunately be down for good.

I've been slowly and laboriously transferring old entries over here, one by one, and I'll be able to continue doing so, as my Blog City mirror blog is still up and running, with all my previous posts available.

I'm hoping to see more EFX refugees start new blogs here at Blogger, so that we can keep the interactivity going that we had over there. Even if EFX is able to be saved in some fashion, it's probably a smart thing to keep a "lifeboat" community over here, so that we will always have a place to blog. Blogger is a highly stable site; one that we can count on.


Melissa said...

I agree with you. I just found out what happened over there, very scary crap. You have me listed as a link over to the right under Melissa if anyone is interested.

Cyn said...

you'd think by now people would've figured out that 'one man outfits' like Diary-X, Modblog and EFx2 were not stable platforms. heh... some people never learn. i know where to find you and you know where to find so we be fine. as for anyone else that wants to know...just ask.

The Kelster said...

Yup I was thinking about that. I don't know how many bloggers though that will continue blogging, even here at blogger. I am wiliing to bet most will just wait until its up and running, if ever it is again. Sad thing really, I don't know where a few of my peeps are and haven't got their email addresses. :/

Patty said...

Good morning, well I made a mistake of storing some things to use later, and of course they're at efx2, so there you go. I guess I can do the same here, and post them later, if I save as a draft.

Thank goodness some of us are here, but so many are left over there at efx2.

Libertine said...

Yeah, Kel, there are several over on EFX I wish I knew how to contact: Lindavampire, Benthere, Rubicon, Eclectablog, to name a few.

Anonymous said...

I emigrated over here this morning, after getting an email about EFX going down. I'll link back to you when I figure stuff out here, if you don't mind :)

LMC said...

I'm glad you let me know. I thought it was my computer at first. Guess I have to learn a whole new blog. Gees...I just figured out how to load photos on the other one! I'm getting to old to keep learning this new computer stuff.

Maybe this blog I will concentrate more on writing and less on playing!

Melissa said...

I already emailed Linda (Vampyre) this morning about it. I have Benthere's email, I'll say something to her as well. I think she had another blog at bloggity-boo or something called that.

Dee Jay said...

I'm glad I bookmarked this addy!

Here's my blog over at this site:

I'm still adding links and getting moved in. : )


Phil said...

Having gone through the EFX and Modblog difficulties too, the one thing I'm finding consistent is that certain people aren't happy unless they're complaining. *chuckles*

Of course all this drama makes me with I had kept my old blogger address, now some weird girl has it.

Libertine said...

Well, start another one here, Phil. At least have one to keep to use as a "lifeboat" when necessary.

Treva L Van Fossen said...

I'm sure glad that you posted about this blog over there.

Does anybody know why efx2 is down and for how long? It's over 24 hours, at least.

It's good to you and others over here. For the first time since I started my blogger account in 2003 I don't feel so alone over here.

I'm off to shake more cobwebs off my blogger account. See ya!

Libertine said...

Treva, here's the info from an email Keith forwarded around:

"I was just informed that the whole server was taken down because someone exploited our site and was using it for a phishing scam. I have no idea if or even when the site will be back up. I am going crazy because I don't know what to do now. I need to figure out what my options are for the site or if it needs to be removed completely. Martin our host got a message from the main server hosting company about the phishing scam and told Martin that the site needs to be removed in order to resume service.

I am trying to work with Martin in order to get the site content and database content so we have an updated backup and hopefully we can continue blogging soon .. but not sure exactly when.

I still have domain if is no longer usable if we need to start over as a worse case scenario .. we would still have the same content but the actual blogs themselves would have to be very restricted to prevent further exploits.

Man this is the worst thing that could happen right now and totally caught me by surprise. Please pass this information around and I will keep you updated so you can keep the others updated.

- Keith"

I'll put your Blogger blog on my links list, Treva

KingOfAnkh said...

I have found a little widget that you all might be interested in, have a look at my blog and subscribe via e-mail for new posts.

Jelene said...

hi libertine, i searched for "What happened to efx2" and saw your blog here... it's good to at least see some sort of information, as i had no idea what was going on. I didn't receive any sort of email from Keith about the problems of the site. That's sad to hear :( I wish I had a chance to at least snag some of my entries from my blog... there were so many things I wrote about on efx2 that I didn't on my other blog on vox. I have a blog here on blogger, but I don't use it much... anyway, good seeing you here!

Lady Visine said...

Thanks for stopping @ my blog here, which is so new, the ink is still wet. Eventually, it will look better, but that takes time & hopefully some mercy from those more able to understand the language of html. :D I've added a link to your blog on mine... that part I've got figured now!

Treva L Van Fossen said...

Thanks for the info and for adding my link.

I don't see why Keith couldn't use the .com domain, unless he ended up with a restricted two-for deal where he had to use the domain plus server space to park the site.

I wonder what he meant by "very restricted."

I wondered if something similar had happened last year (somebody exploiting vulnerabilities)when all that crazy stuff happened to blogs, like mine.