Thursday, September 27, 2007

Movie Cliches

Following is a list of tired plot devices we've all seen over and over again in movies:

When a girl is in a house all by herself in a horror movie, there is always a thunderstorm outside.

In all high schools, the popular girls have big boobs, while the geeky girls are flat-chested.

Anybody eating Chinese food always eats it out of the box with chopsticks.

A good guy will never, ever, shoot a bad guy in the kneecap, even if it would be incredibly helpful to him.

A woman´s shoes always make high heel clacking sounds, regardless which shoe type she wears. She can even wear sneakers...

Whenever at a bar or dance with loud music cranked up on high, the couple the audience sees talking have perfectly audible voices and can talk as though there is no music.

The villain will always have dozens of henchmen working for him or a small army that follows him.

If you see something, then turn away, it wont be there the next time you look.

It is impossible for two colleagues of the opposite sex to have a completely professional relationship.

Women of action can run, do karate, kickbox, climb ladders and perform highly acrobatic movements while wearing six inch heels and either a miniskirt or a tight leather cat suit.

The janitor of a school is either a frightening old guy who hates children or he is a unbelievable friendly person who is always there for the underdogs.

In every comedy the main character´s boss is a complete and utter idiot.

Whenever the hero crawls through the ventilation system, the vents are never hot or cold.

Whenever the main character is about to confess something important to another character (usually a love interest) they both have something to say. The character lets the other person go first, and whatever they say makes the hero not want to say what he was about to say. When asked what they were going to say, they say something unimportant like "Nice dress".

Clapping finales in the movies often follow the same rules. First, there will be complete silence after the hero accomplishes a task or gives an inspiring speech. Second, one solitary person will begin to clap slowly and rhythmically. Third, the solitary clapper is slowly joined by another...and then another...and then another clapper until ultimately everyone is clapping for the hero.

Phone lines are always cut off or busy when a person is trying to call for help when running from a murderer.

Guns never have to be reloaded. Characters will shoot forever.

In scary movies, characters ALWAYS have to trip while running away from the murderer despite how flat the ground may be.

Whenever two men are struggling, and a woman is present, the bad guy will drop a gun during the fight. The woman will then pick up the gun, but not walk over and threaten the villain.

If a character is awakened by a radio alarm, it is perfectly timed to when the DJ is saying something like "Rise and shine! It's gonna be a beautiful day here in LA..."

Whether or not they eventually win, the protagonist and often the antagonist will make it into the finals of any given competition.

Everyone's phone number begins with 555.

When two people are having a phone conversation, it is never terminated with a "goodbye"; they always just hang up after getting to the point.

When the hero is taking on a barrage of the villain's henchmen, they will attack him one at a time.

What are some movie cliches you've seen consistently?

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