Monday, October 22, 2007

Billboard Incites Protest

The billboard above, which appears in Los Angeles, has drawn protest from those who say that it promotes immoral behavior.

This billboard is an advertisement for, a website which helps people to meet new lovers. A motto on the site asserts: "When monogamy becomes monotony."

"We feel in our hearts, minds and pocketbooks that people who are going to stray are going to do it anyway, no matter what, with or without us," said Darren Morgenstern, founder of

"For someone to create a venue to just make it so easy for someone to just log online and be so cavalier about it, is just very destructive to me," said Tamara Feldstein, a protester, who wants the billboard taken down.

"You can't possibly convince somebody to act outside their moral code if that's just not what they are looking for," countered Morgenstern.

My opinion is that this billboard and site will not make someone suddenly decide to seek extramarital sex if it was not already in their minds. Rather, it provides an alternative to the dating and bar scene; for those who just want a hookup and not a relationship, which is quicker, safer, and leaves no room for hurt feelings because of misunderstood intentions. It would also be an excellent place for married swingers to seek additional partners together as well.

For those who find the billboard and the site immoral, the solution is quite simple. Don't do business with them. But don't think you should be able to make that decision for others.

A pacifist ignores Army recruiting billboards all the time -- those against extramarital sex can do the same with these billboards. Just drive on by and keep your eyes on the road.



Cyn said...

right on!

Anonymous said...

This is no more pornographic than other billboards out there with all the false claims and advertisings.

I figure it's a nasty world anyway, people will do what gets them off or makes them a buck anyway, regardless of who it hurts - I suppose it is best just to try and raise the kids right and hope it seeps in. Can't shield them from everything.

Would be nice if they took all the boards down though. If no one stands up for morals, then we will never have any.

Promoting adultery - what a nasty world we are making for our kids.

Libertine said...

Perhaps we ought to stop promoting monogamy as a one-size-fits-all relationship for everyone. We could promote honesty, instead.

Lindsay Nicole said...

i second promoting honesty!