Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Odds and Ends

Not feeling particularly inspired tonight, so this will be an odds and ends entry.

I've been feeling under the weather for the last few days, not feeling quite up to par. The other day I woke up feeling vaguely nauseated. I didn't stay up long, as I had no energy. I slept all day long, getting up just long enough to run to the bathroom to run at both ends. I alternated between shivering and burning up -- yep, I was sick, all right.

I think I ended up sleeping about 18 hours straight, save for the bathroom runs.

I had a lunch date the next day, which I managed to keep, but I had to beg off on the afternoon in bed that was originally to follow lunch. With my not-quite-settled stomach, I didn't dare hazard it.

I'm still not quite 100%, though I'm better. I guess it will take awhile to completely get over it

Though it's the end of October, you'd never know it around here by looking at the thermometer. The temps today were up in the 80s, accompanied by full summertime humidity.

To top the day off, we had a storm front run through here tonight that generated two tornado warnings, though the worst of the weather passed about 25 miles to the north of me, fortunately.

I have the air-conditioning running even as I type this entry.

Looks like another endless summer again this year.

Well, I'm still feeling a bit "off", so I think I'll give up on writing an interesting entry and head off for bed.

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oldmanlincoln said...

80s? Wow. We are down in the 40s today with cloudy skys. Dark, winter clouds. And wind. It rained over three inches the other day and now everything looks nasty like winter is just around the corner.