Saturday, December 8, 2007

Driving the Point Home

A couple of weeks ago, my primary lover asked me to attend the faculty Christmas party at her school, which is this coming Wednesday. She'd not asked me to do so in the few years she's been a teacher, because she'd skipped the parties herself, as she figured they'd be boring.

This year, she told me, she'd decided to go for a very specific reason and my attendance was essential for her purpose.

As those of you who have been reading my blog might remember, she'd had several dates with a fellow teacher awhile back. She'd broken it off with him when he wanted her to break it off with me so that they would have an exclusive relationship. After this happened, I'd not given it anymore thought.

It seems as if this other guy is being persistent and hasn't given up the idea of being with her. Can't say I blame the guy, actually. But it's made her feel rather uncomfortable, especially considering that they have to work together. She likes the guy as a friend, but she doesn't consider him marriage material and doesn't want to lead him on to think that she does.

So, she wants me to come to the faculty party with her, knowing he's going to attend, as a way to drive the point home to him that he should give it up.

I'm willing to allow myself to be used in this fashion, as she's about to the end of her rope with his persistence. But I hope to hell that nothing awkward happens as I'm not into embarrassing public confrontations.


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Melissa said...

I'm glad you're going with her. Some men really do not understand what the word no means. I hope this guy backs off her when he sees you two together. And yes, working together and him being persistent like he is can be a very uncomfortable situation. I just hope the guy doesn't get pissed at you and do something stupid. Please be careful Will...