Monday, January 28, 2008

10 Celebrities I Love to Hate

Because I've got things on my mind, and I'm distracted and at loose ends, I've decided to fall back on a no-brainer entry idea -- the list. Today's list is the ten celebrities I love to hate. I am merely listing the first ten that came to mind and they are not in order of rank. And I'm sure I'll think of some I like to hate more once I post this entry. For the purposes on this list, I define a "celebrity" as merely someone whose name is recognized by a lot of people

1. Mel Gibson

The man is a flaming anti-Semite and probably an all-around bigot as well.

2. Richard Simmons

That Disco Stu hairstyle went out years ago, and there's just something about him that makes me feel queasy.

3. James Dobson

This promoter of theocracy should focus on his own damned family for a change.

4. Ann Coulter

She is merely one of many pundits who epitomize the coarsening to political discourse in our society.

5. Dr Laura

A busybody, self-righteous moralist spouting her own brand of bigotry mislabeled as psychology.

6. Dr Phil

Dr Laura's male counterpart. What is it about these Dr. Firstname celebrities, anyway?

7. George Bush

One of our least intelligent presidents who has earned his spot on the list of the ten worst presidents

8. Fred Phelps

The obssessively anti-gay fundie who protests funerals. Need I say more?

9. Chef Gordon Ramsey

The petulant, tantrum throwing chef from the reality show, Hell's Kitchen. Grow up and get a damned life, already.

10. Simon Cowell

The wiseass judge on American Idol who apparently gets off on humiliating contestants who don't make the cut. What a prick.

Feel free to list the celebrities you love to hate.


Winter said...

Lately, Kiran Chetry from CNN's American Morning has been the recipient of my vitriol. On New Year's Eve, she mispronounced the name Zoe and it was like fingernails on a chalkboard to me. Her little plastic smile has been irritating the crap out of me ever since. I never seem to have really relevant reasons why I don't like a celeb.I just don't like em usually. Gut feeling. Unfounded irritation. Meh. Don't really care if I don't have a reason with worth. The non lawmaking celebs just don't have an impact on my life anyway. Great blog. I'm gonna keep coming back.

Libertine said...

Thanks for your visit, and I hope to read more comments from you.

I'm fortunately unfamiliar with Kiran Chetry.

AntiBarbie said...

I know this one is often said over and over but Paris Hilton. She's such a freakin' embarrassment. I'm tired of the press glorifying stupid in this Country.

O'Reilly... Did they comb the trauma centers for someone who severe brain trauma in order to find this guy? I've seen smarter MICE. Watching him try and butt heads with someone of real intelligence is painful. He just clings to the same sentiments over and over again talking loudly over his guests so that they can't say anything else to further show what a twit he is.