Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Ted Kennedy Endorses Barack Obama

Today, on The Huffington Post, Senator Ted Kennedy published an article about his endorsement of Barack Obama for president. What follows below is my comment to that article:

To be honest with you, Senator, I have no clear preference for the Democratic candidate at this time. I believe that either Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton would make a good president -- as would John Edwards.
I also understand that the bickering between them is all part of the political game and that they could and would work together if one is the nominee and the other accepts the Vice Presidential nomination.

My primary wish for the 2008 election is that we do not elect another Republican to the White House. I think we've had more than enough of neocon and religious fundamentalist-inspired Republican ideas in the last eight years, and any of the Democratic candidates would be a breath of fresh air after the Bush presidency. So, I will support the candidate who has the best chances of defeating the Republican nominee in November, though which of the candidates that is remains not fully clear to me at this time.

As an American in my late 40s who has been obliged to work without any health insurance whatsoever for the last four years and who hasn't had a raise in three years, I want a president who can positively affect the passage of a comprehensive health care plan that will not be dependent on how good of a job I have or how much money I make.

In closing, thank you for your words, Senator Kennedy. Some time ago, I was struck by how much Barack Obama reminded me of your brother, but this fact, in and of itself, is not quite enough for me to choose between him and Senator Clinton.

Your thoughts?

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AuntieM said...

Bravo, Libertine! Well said. I also see attractive qualities in all the Democratic candidates, and I believe it is crucial for the future of this country to get a Democrat elected in November. Yesterday over lunch with co-workers this was the concensus as well - we must have change, and our best hope of meaningful change is to elect a Democrat in November.