Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Blogging Is Its Own Reward

I've belonged to Blog Catalog, a blog bookmarking site, for about a month now and I've noticed several generic-type blogs there that seem to exist for the sole purpose of making money. Such blogs have little to no content that indicates the blogger's personality or interests.

Also, I've seen a related type of blogger who seems mainly interested in statistics: hits, increasing their ranking in blog clearinghouse sites like Blog Catalog, comments, etc. They offer to read and comment on your blog in exchange for you doing the same, and don't seem to care whether their visitors have a true interest in their blog's contents, just so long as it drives up the statistics and rankings.

Don't get me wrong -- I am pleased to see a lot of visitors on my blog and I cherish the comments I get. But because I don't do much "shameless promotion" of my blog, the hits and comments I get are from people who are truly interested in what I've got to say and their interaction on my blog isn't solely motivated by a desire to increase statistics on their own blog. Indeed, I'm a bit disappointed when I encounter people on my blog who are thus motivated.

I joined Blog Catalog mainly to find other blogs that I'm truly interested in reading, hoping others would likewise find my blog interesting. Though I'll add nearly anyone to my friends list there who asks, only those blogs I'm actually interested in and/or who were my friends before I joined Blog Catalog go in my neighborhood.

I've never made a dime off any of my blogs and though I'd not ever turn down any money offered, it's not my motivation for blogging. One of my prime motivations is to make people think of things in ways they might never have considered before, particularly in the realm of sexual ethics. From the unsolicited emails I get, I see that I am doing just that and one such email means more to me than any money I could make or getting a top blogger award.

Plus, blogging is just plain fun. I've met lots of like-minded people while blogging, while also making friends with and gaining understanding of those who have a different view of the world.

How about you? Why do you blog and what do you see as your most valuable "reward" from doing so? Do you belong to any blog bookmarking sites and, if so, why?


transfattyacid said...

I'm with you, blogging is about communication and meeting people, if traffic floats your boat then hurray but it is pretty much subsiduary.

AuntieM said...

I couldn't agree with you more! To me blogging is about free expression and individual, independent thought. Although I also love it when people visit and comment on my blog, I don't do it for numbers, it's a labor of love - love of free speech and speaking my mind. To that end let me just say that I love your blog already, and can't wait to read more! Thanks for visiting my blog, and I'll probably be a frequent visitor on yours from now on.

Hathor said...

It has been a way to vent, put down my ideas and I was hoping to be able to engage with some repeat visitors. After I started my blog I thought that if I had been in heated discussions at other blogs, providing my link would bring the argument to my blog, but I find those people would rather stay in their own peanut gallery.

Kathy said...

I'm with you on this. I have trouble with blogs that throw their statistics in my face, yet have little to offer in the way of new knowledge or entertainment. Gets boring real fast. I'm into blogging for the feedback and conversation. It's some of the most fun I've had in my life.

Nichole said...

I read this on Blog Catalog but I wanted to reply here as well.

I joined BC with the thought of, "Hey, I can meet more writers like me, or just interesting people in general." Yet, the bulk of what I've seen is just a bunch of people getting together to make money.

It makes me miss the late 90s with personal web pages with no ads and blogs with content. Hell, I'd even relive the teen domain scene, as much drama as that was.

Winter said...

I have to agree with you and the others. I may be an old hand at the internet (14 years), but blogging is new to me. It's fun to get new people reading my rambles and commenting, but only because the feedback makes me feel like what I have to say is at least a little interesting. Coming from a wallflower, having people be interested in you in any form, is pretty awesome. Counter? What's a counter? I don't think I even have one on my actual website anymore! LOL Thanks for being so frank and for visiting my blog. My monsters and I already like you!

LMC said...

I blog for my sanity...right now with EFX not working sanity is slipping. I started one at VOX. I found a few familiar faces there. There is even a group called EFX2blogs. I signed up so I can keep in touch with a few people over there.

I like blogger, but it just seems to big. I can't find anyone and ever time I click "next blog" I get some advertising that I am stuck on.

I loved the community feel at EFX...but I can't handle the unstableness of it. I'm really glad I book marked your blogs. You are the only one I can always find!